Welcome to Hammer Kicking Academy

Welcome to Hammer Kicking Academy

Welcome to Hammer Kicking AcademyWelcome to Hammer Kicking AcademyWelcome to Hammer Kicking Academy

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HKA is a form focused kicking, punting and long snapping training camp.  We have 11 branches located across the country, and continue to grow yearly.  The camp focuses on form development and guiding specialists from the High School Level through their college career.


Why HKA?

The Hammer Kicking Academy is made to be with specialists through their entire career.  We don't want to be the people who are done with you after your high school commitment, but rather someone who you can count on through your college career and taking the steps to a path to being a pro.


Who are we?

HKA was founded and operated by Adam Tanalski in 2008.  Since 2008 Adam has had over 550 College athletes, 11 players tryout or sign in the NFL, and has gone 100 percent on commitments of his seniors since 2014.  

HKA will always maintain its focus as form focuses training in now 11 branches across the country.  HKA has run 12 major college camps, and has now placed players in every major FBS conference. 

The last 3 years we have 8 HS All Americans, 7 College All Americans, and over 100 All Conference selections. 


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